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What is Crestadoro?

Crestadoro is a networkable file indexing and search tool. You can install it on multiple Windows machines, create libraries of documents that reside on each machine, then search and access the files from anywhere on your network.

Is it really free?

Yes. You can freely download, install and use Crestadoro. The only limitation in the Community Edition is that each library can have a maximum of 100 files in it, but you can have as many libraries as you like. Buying a Professional license lifts the 100 file limit on a library, and it also gets you access to Premium Support if you have questions.

100 files? Whats that all about?

Thats just a limit on the Community Edition library, its not a limit on how many libraries you can have. Say you have 1000 files, you can easily create 10 libraries in the Community Edition, put 100 files in each, and spread the load

What about the Professional License?

Buying a Professional License lifts the 100 file limit, so you could then put the 1000 files into a single library to make it easier to manage.

Can I use a different storage system?

Yes. Crestadoro comes with its own custom storage system which we recommend as the best way to store your library, however you can also use SQL Server should you wish. This option is also free, log a support call to get more information on how to configure Crestadoro for use with SQL Server. If you would like to use a different database storage solution contact Support in the usual way and our Engineering Department will do their best to accomodate your requirement.

Where does the name come from?

When we were considering names for the product we read about an Italian chap called Andrea Crestadoro. He lived a couple of hundred years ago and is generally considered to be the first person to come up with the idea of indexing a book by its content rather than its title, which is pretty much what our software does for files. He was also an inventor who had some pretty bonkers ideas which we like!